Thursday, January 4, 2007

Southerner Stuck in the Desert

My name is Kent. I grew up in Southern Oklahoma. After college, I moved to Phoenix, AZ to work for NextStudent. We are a student loan consolidation company that focuses on getting money for students to go to school.

The reason I started this blog is to discuss some of the pitfalls that Southerners encounter when they leave the Bible Belt. I have many experiences of my own that I will gladly share on here. I want to hear about bad food, rude people, lack of culture and intolerance to our ingrained values (that most southerners share). I have seen almost everything you can imagine. I have heard all the stereotypes, all the hillbilly jokes and constant cracks about my accent. I would like to hear similar experiences and the pride that other southerners share.

Let's try to keep it clean.

Oh, and by the way. In case y'all are unclear about what states constitute the south: The U.S Census Bureau defines the south as Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Kentucky.

I don't want to hear about who belongs and who doesn't. I can assure you that Oklahoma and most of Texas are not anything like New Mexico or Arizona. Oklahoma is nothing like Wisconsin either.


deltahog said...

If you think Oklahoma and Texas represents the South, think again. I'm surrounded by the most annoying of Yankees in Dallas, and Oklahoma is the dark side of the moon. The true South starts in Arkansas and goes east, except for Atlanta, which is like Berlin, and southern Florida, well forget it.

OklalittleDixie said...

Like I said before: I don't want to hear who blongs and who doesn't. I have been all around the south. My family came out of Birmingham and Ashville. I am from SE Oklahoma and if you don't think that's southern, get your head checked.

There are Yankees in any metro area. Use some common sense and you won't have these misconceptions.

If you want to argue where it begins and where it ends go to another blog. That is not the purpose of this blog.